15 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Franchise

  1. All seasoned franchises have a solid customer base. The product they sell are already recognised by customers and respected as a brand. The franchise has spent often, millions in marketing. You will hop on to the bandwagon. The alternative is you start your own business and do it all yourself with all the risk involved.   
  1. Competition. There isn’t any in your area, as such. You will have your own territory exclusive to your franchise. A non-franchise start-up business will likely always have direct competition. 
  1.  A proven business system that comes with all franchises. You go into the business confidently knowing this exact same business has been successful in other areas over and over again. The non-franchise owner start-up will have a steep learning curve even if he is experienced in the field.
  1. Risk: Your capital is not at such a great risk as in an unproven business. 
  1. The risk of the business failing is much lower than a start-up. 
  1.  Your franchise will benefit from on going marketing in your area and other areas. You won’t just be limited to local customers. 
  1. You won’t be allocating funds towards marketing. There will be national and local advertising conducted on your behalf; all paid for by someone else. 
  1. Ongoing support and training as new developments take place. You can focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.
  1. Research into new products will undertaken for you.
  1. Initial funding will be easier to obtain from lending bodies, as the risk is lower. 
  1. The cost of funding, to you, will likely be lower as again the risks are lower. 
  1. A franchise provides much greater purchasing power.  You hop on the back of the national buying power. 
  1. Knowledge. There is a lot of documentation and research available prior to going into the purchase. 
  1. Successful franchises are in a solid sector of the economy. If there happens to be a downturn you will be more protected than other types of businesses. The buying power of the franchise will be your main advantage over competition in a downturn. 
  1. Confidence. The stress and failure rate of a start-up are not there when you go into a franchise.

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December 15, 2010

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