Why Use A Broker?

Why use a broker to facilitate the selling of your property or business?

An often-asked question. Or it should be…

A broker is a qualified professional familiar with the market you are looking into. To invest you’re hard earned savings.

A broker is a skilled negotiator. They know the laws relating to the safe transfer of ownership.

They know how to accurately read the financials of a business.

A broker will most likely be able to tell if the buyer is genuine and not a time waster.

Brokers do not come cheap, so be selective in whom you choose and also select which part of her/his services you want to use.

A broker will most likely gain you a much lower price than you would without him/her, thus more than paying for their services.

Usually the broker works with the seller. In that case she/he has a fiduciary duty to the seller. Ethics are high among brokers, so use theur expertise even if they are representing the seller and you are a buyer.

Even if you are a buyer it is often well worth your effort to obtain the services of a broker when looking for a business.

They have access to many more listings than a private person may have and its always better to have a buffer between the seller and the buyer. Brokers often deal in specialist markets/industries.

Brokers will put together a selling memorandum for the vendor (seller). This is a package of everything needed by the buyer to make a speedy decision in the purchase. It is in the brokers best interest to ensure a speedy transaction, as they work on commission.

A broker will provide a letter of intent once the negotiations are concluded and then they will provide the sale and purchase agreement for both parties to sign.


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January 1, 2010

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